Biosimilars are a
prescription for
better health.

In the U.S., Biosimilars could lead to over $130 billion is savings by 2025, and have been used in over 120 million days of patient therapy.

Reject Build Back Better

Drug Price Negotiations Will Put Your Biosimilars At Risk!

Congress is once again considering the Build Back Better Act’s price fixing provision that could undermine access to biosimilar medicines and the savings they provide. Tell Congress not to put biosimilars at risk! Learn More.

Washington D.C., District of Columbia, United States - August 31 2021: The Federal Trade Commission FTC of the United States of America logo. Enforcing the rule of law in trade.

The FTC Must Investigate Pharmacy Benefit Managers!

Pharmacy benefit manager business practices too often deprive patients of lower cost biosimilar options and can, in fact, increase costs. Read our letter urging the FTC to investigate. Learn more.


The Biosimilars Council advocates to increase patient access to lifesaving, affordable biosimilar medicines.

Our members include manufacturers and stakeholders working to develop biosimilar medicines for the U.S. market


Biosimilars approved in the U.S.


Billion in potential savings for patients and payers


Million days of patient therapy where biosimilars were used


Million additional days of patient therapy

The Benefits of Biosimilars

Expanding access to biosimilars has proven successful in driving down the cost of life-saving therapies.

This increases access to needed medications for patients, strengthens our economy and benefits our society.

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What Patients Are Saying

Expanding access to biosimilars has proven successful in driving down the cost of life-saving therapies.
Biosimilars Council, Biosimilars Council

“Because I have an incurable form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, I know my medication journey will continue. It is nice to know that when I need a biosimilar again, it will be there for me.”

Helen, 41, Florida

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You Can Make A Difference

As the role of biosimilar medicines in our health care system continues to grow, it is essential that patients advocate for affordable biosimilars with their lawmakers. Subscribe to the Biosimilars Bulletin and for alerts on policies that affect your access to these life-saving medicines.

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