Biosimilars are a prescription for better health.

Biosimilars could lead to over $130 billion in savings by 2025, giving 1.2 million patients access to needed medicines.

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Roadmaps for Ensuring Patient Access to Generic and Biosimilar Medicines

This paper examines the challenges to market sustainability for generic and biosimilar medicines that have cleared the regulatory and patent hurdles to obtain FDA approval and launch into the U.S. market.


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Hear more from experts on the potential of biosimilars and learn about Biosimilars Council efforts to increase biosimilar access for patients.


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FDA Biosimilars Approvals

Find an up-to-date list of FDA approved biosimilars and launches.

Featured Reports & Resources

These resources provide answers around what biosimilars are, why they are important, how they can improve patient access, and how they can save the United States billions of dollars.

Biosimilars Council, Biosimilars Council
Biosimilars Council, Biosimilars Council
2020 Generics & Biosimilars Savings Report
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