FDA-Approved Biosimilars

Monday September 20, 2021

Scroll down to find an updated list of all FDA-approved biosimilars. This list includes information on when biosimilars were approved, when they became available to patients and which biologic they reference.

The market for FDA-approved biosimilars is expanding, as they now approach nearly 30% of the overall biologics market. The average sales price for biosimilars is on average 50% less than the reference brand biologic price. Further, competition from biosimilars has reduced the average sales price of their corresponding reference biologic by an average of 25%

For more information about how biosimilars benefit patients, visit our resources page or the FDA website.

FDA Biosimilars Approvals

BiosimilarApproved Launched
Alymsy (bevacizumab-maly)Apr-22Oct-22
Mvasi (bevacizumab-awwb)Sep-17Jul-19
Zirabev (bevacizumab-bvzr)Jun-19Dec-19
Vegzelma, Celltrion (bevacizumab-adcd)Sep-22
Erelzi (etanercept-szzs)Aug-16
Eticovo (etanercept-ykro)Apr-19
Retacrit (epoetinalfa-epbx)May-18Nov-18
Ogivri (trastuzumab-dkst)Dec-17Dec-19
Herzuma (trastuzumab-pkrb)Dec-18Mar-20
Ontruzant (trastuzumab-dttb)Jan-19Apr-20
Trazimera (trastuzumab-qyyp) Mar-19Feb-20
Kanjinti (trastuzumab-anns)Jun-19Jul-19
Amjevita (adalimumab-atto)Sep-16Feb-23
Cyltezo (adalimumab-adbm)Sep-16
Hyrimoz (adalimumab-adaz)*Oct-18, Mar-23
Hadlima (adalimumab-bwwd)*Jul-19, Aug-22
Abrilada (adalimumab-afzb)Nov-19
Hulio (adalimumab-fkjp)Jul-20
Yusimry (adalimumab-aqvh)Dec-21
Idacio (adalimumab-aacf)Dec-22
Rezvoglar (insuline glargine-aglr)Dec-21Mar-23
Semglee (insulin glargine-yfgn)Jul-21Nov-21
Byooviz (ranibizumab-nuna)Sep-21Jul-22
Cimerli (ranibizumab-eqrn)Aug-22Oct-22
Fulphila (pegfilgrastim-jmdb)Jun-18Jun-18
Nyvepria (pegfilgrastim-apgf)Jun-20Dec-20
Udenyca (pegfilgrastim-cbqv)Nov-18Jan-19
Ziextenzo (pegfilgrastim-bmez)Nov-19Dec-19
Fylnetra (pegfilgrastim-pbbk)May-22
Stimufend (pegfilgrastim-fpgk)Sep-22Feb-23
Zarxio (filgrastim-sndz)Mar-15Sep-15
Nivestym (filgrastim-aafi) Jul-18Oct-18
Releuko (filgrastim-ayow)Mar-22Dec-22
Inflectra (infliximab-dyyb)Apr-16Nov-16
Renflexis (infliximab-abda)Apr-17Jul-17
Ixifi (infliximab-qbtx)Dec-17
Avsola (infliximab-axxq)Dec-19Jul-20
Truxima (rituximab-abbs)Nov-18Nov-19
Ruxience (rituximab-pvvr)Jul-19Feb-20
Riabni (rituximab-arrx)Dec-20Jan-21
Total: 41 approved, 28 launchedAs of March 2023
Source: FDA
*A high concentrate (March 2023) and low concentrate (October 2018) version of Hyrimoz are approved
*A high concentrate (August 2022) and low concentrate (July 2019) version of Hadlima are approved

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