Simplifying Patient Access to Lower-Cost Treatment Options

Understanding biosimilars and interchangeable biologics

Interchangeability 101 – Biosimilars & Interchangeable Biologics

Follow along with this simple, animated white board video to learn about biosimilars, biologics, and how interchangeability can help to increase patient access while decreasing the cost of expensive medicines.


Interchangeability Resources

Blog: What Are Interchangeable Biologics?

“Interchangeability” is a designation given to certain biosimilar products that allows pharmacists to switch patients to that biosimilar without prior physician approval.

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Fact Sheet: Biosimilar Interchangeability FAQs

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about interchangeable biologics. This fact sheet answers frequently asked questions about biosimilars and their Interchangeability with other biologic medications.

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Infographic: Health Plans Should Prioritize Biosimilars

Biosimilar vs Interchangeable is not relevant for formulary regulations. It is only meaningful at the pharmacy counter and does not indicate superior quality.

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Press Release: Biosimilars Council Comments on FDA Draft Guidance on Labeling for Biosimilar and Interchangeable Biosimilar Products

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Additional Resources

APhA: What is an Interchangeable Biologic?

Focus on Interchangeable Biosimilars

APhA: Focus On Interchangeable Biosimilars

Interchangeable Biosimilars FAQs (Biosimilars Council & APhA)

APhA: Interchangeable Biosimilars: Pharmacist’s Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

9 Things to Know aout Biosimilars and Interchangeable Biosimilars by FDA

Nine Things to Know About Biosimilars and Interchangeable Biosimilars

APhA: What is an Interchangeable Biologic?

FDA: Biosimilar and Interchangeable Biologics: More Treatment Choices

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